Monuments in Bozcaada

The Church of Mother Mary

This is the only church currently open for worship services to Bozcaada’s Orthodox congregation. It is situated in the heart of the Greek neighborhood. The date “1869” posted on its door, its first construction is believed to date back to the Venetian era. Its four-storied bell-and watch-tower was partially dismantled and placed behind wire netting in the 1980’s due to cracking and crumbling of parts caused by corrosion over time. The only time the inside of the church can be seen is during mass Sunday mornings at 8.

Yeni Kale

Located on the Yeni Kale hilltop. It is in ruins. According to an inscription found within the Bozcaada Castle, its construction was commissioned by the Bozcaada guard, Hafız Ali Paşa in 1827.

The Köprülü Mehmet Pasa Mosque

This mosque, believed to have been demolished during the Venetian era, was restored in 1655 by Köprülü Mehmet Paşa, who subsequently became it namesake. Today it is known within the community as the Yalı Mosque. It has no epitaph. It has taken on its current shape as a result of repairs to it over time. It has a pleated roof and more or less fits the dimensions of a square. Its door and window ledges are made of red hewn stones, while the rest are made of plaster. It is open for worship services.

Alaybey Mosque

While there is no definite information as to when this mosque was constructed, it is estimated to have been in 1700. It is made of hewn stone. There is a small graveyard inside the mosque’s courtyard. One of the 14 graves found here belongs to the Ottoman grand vizier, Halil Hamit Paşa. It is open for worship services.

Namazgah Çeşmesi

Bozcaada’s most important fountain has been built under the orders of Şadrazam Öküz Mehmed Paşa. Its date of origin is 1703.

The Shrine of Aburga Ahmet Dede

To the left of the arrival point of the ferry you can see a shrine, which contains 10 graves. According to the legend of sailor Aburga Ahmet Dede, sailors used to pray and devote offerings here. The island folk still use the shrine for prayers. Bozcaada’s oldest Ottoman grave (1714) can be found here.