Bozcaada Goztepe

Göztepe is the highest point of the island with 192 metres. From the top of this hill you can see all the  vineyards, little pine tree forests, the windmills, and the little islands surrounding Bozcaada. When the air is crisp and clear it is even possible to see Gökçeada and behind it Samotakis and Lesbos. A paved road leads to the top, where there is only a radio link facility.

There is just one road going up the hill and it is a steep and narrow one. If you like a good workout you can walk from the town centre to the top in thirty minutes. 
You can enjoy a beautiful sunset here, while enjoying a glass of wine. During full moon one can experience an astonishing experience as sunset and the rise of the full moon happen simultaneously.
It is recommended to bring additional clothing as Bozcaada’s famous winds blow more heavily at the top.

This is a place where you really feel like you’re on an island. You absolutely must spend time here, particularly as the sun is setting..