Bozcaada Streets

The ferry from Geyikli arrives at the town centre, which is the most densely populated part of the island. Here you will find the nostalgic streets of a small and lovely fishing town. In former times a small stream divided the town in a ‘Rum’ and ‘Turkish’ district, and even though this separation does not exist anymore, you will still be able to understand in which part you are by looking at the architecture of the houses.

The ‘Rum’ quarter might draw more of your attention with its well-preserved houses and streets. In the middle of the quarter a church and clock tower watch over the town. Old taverns and cafes have been turned into new restaurants, cafes and shops while keeping an authentic air. In recent years a major part of the houses in this district have become boutique hotels and guest houses.

The Turkish quarter used to have less hotels and cafes in the past, but the last years the narrow streets have started accommodating tourists, too.

One can walk through all the streets of Bozcaada within one hour, but you could also choose to stroll slowly and imagine yourself living in one of the lovely houses covered by the bougainvillea. Take some time to make photos of the lovely streets and houses.