Where to Swim in Bozcaada

Bozcaada has a beautiful and clean sea, unspoiled coves, and lovely beaches. While the coves are all different from each other, most of them are appropriate for swimming. One of the island's most popular beaches is Ayazma, famous for its golden sand and crystal clear turquoise sea. Bozcaada's sea is generally cold as it is located in the Northern Aegean sea. But from time to time you can experience a very mild sea temperature.

From the last week of May till half of October you can swim on Bozcaada. But in general people prefer to swim in July and August as the temperature of the island is at its peak then. However true this is, the warmer sea attracts the crowds to beaches and coves, too.

Thanks to the northern wind, which blows regularly, it does not get too hot on Bozcaada.  Another advantage Bozcaada offers is that one can find quiet coves even during summer. The sea is warmest in September and October. Most island inhabitants love this time as the wind blows less and beaches and coves are quieter.

The Winds and the Coves

One of Bozcaada's most advantageous sides is the fact that even with the toughest winds you can always find a covered cove to swim. The first thing you should do in the morning is to look at the direction of the wind and then choose where to swim that day. With the southern wind (Lodos) blowing the coves at the eastern and northern part of the island are ideal for swimming, while with the northern wind (Poyraz) blowing the coves at the south side of the island are preferable. How beautiful and rough the western part of the island may be there is no possibility of swimming as there are no reachable coves there. When there is no wind Bozcaada's sea becomes calm as a millpond.

How to Reach the Coves

The minibuses on the island only provide transportation to Ayazma, Habbele, and Akvaryum. As a consequence the other coves have remained more natural and quiet. Do not forget to take an umbrella, food, and drinks with you if you visit one of the more untouched coves. The coves close to the town center can easily be reached on foot or by bike. The coves on the south side of the island can best be reached by car. 


Ayazma Beach- with a northern wind

This is a beautiful beach with a cool and refreshing turquoise sea and the finest sand. Hence, it is Bozcaada's most popular and busiest beach. At Ayazma beach you can rent chaises longues and sunshades for the day. For the sporty ones various sea sports are being offered, like jet skiing. Right above the beach there are cozy restaurants serving mezzes and fish for lunch.  Being the most popular beach of the island minibuses regularly provide transportation to and from the town center. Do not forget to have a beer here in the late afternoon hours, while enjoying the descending sun and beautiful colour of the sea.

Sulubahçe Cove- with a northern wind
Sulubahçe is located next to Ayazma. When going with the minibus it is the stop between Ayazma and Habbele. Due to the fact it is easily reached this cove is also preferred by tourists. Due to the lack of service of chairs, sunshades, and the absence of cafes/restaurants this cove remains rather quiet.