What to Do What to Buy from Bozcaada

From the vineyards

Apart from wine Bozcaada is also the right place to taste and buy delicious grapes. During the summer you will find boxes of grapes in the town center and alongside the roads. In August Cavuş grapes are being harvested after which the aromatic Kardinal grapes are being plucked and sold. Besides consuming grapes as fruit, grapes are dried and used for molasses, vinegar, and jam. The leaves of the grapes are being pickled and used for amongst others stuffings.

Tomato jam is Bozcaada’s most famous jam. Tomato jam and Bozcaada have become intertwined with each other thanks to a ‘Rum’ family’s continuation of this old custom.Another typical Bozcaada delicacy is corn rose syrup. It is made and sold by Ada café in concentrated form in bottles.
Oregano grows almost everywhere on the island. Whenever you will walk off road you will smell its fresh and tingling odor around you. You can also buy oregano honey, as there are some small beekeepers who let their bees feed themselves on the natural habitat of the island.
Every Wednesday a small bazaar is set up just outside the town center. Most of the market vendors come from the villages around Çanakkale and bring their own fruits and vegetables, homemade legumes, tomato paste, olive oil, eggs, cheese, and bread. All products are from the region, fresh cheese is mainly made from goat milk, while the olive oil comes from Geyikli.

Bozcaada has its own kind of gift shops. Most gifts are handmade locally. Ceramics and glass gifts are very popular, for the rest you can buy ethnic clothing. Most designs have grapes, windmills, or the crows as main theme. There is even one store that sells accessories and jewelry with only a grape-wine theme.
On the stalls in the town center you will spot ceramics, paintings, and some other original handmade gifts made by Bozcaada’s craftsmen. In Bozcaada’s art galleries there are exhibitions from various artists from all over Turkey. Here you can buy a more artistic and original gift for yourself or your friends and relatives.