Dantela Aral

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Dantela is a gift shop, where everything inside it is manufactured with effort and care, just like its name which means "lacework" in Turkish.
Its owner Mrs. Arzu also runs Aral Holiday Farm with her husband. 8 years ago, they founded a hotel by restoring their vineyard house in the old Greek farm, which was a heritage from their father. Mrs. Arzu had a great role in the warm, friendly vibe of the farm. While decorating there, she developed an interest for wooden painting works. In the course of time, there was not even one wooden chair that did not bear a sign from her in the farm. So much did the visitors liked these works, that it became inevitable for these works to be exhibited in such a store.

Apart from wooden painting items; rag baby dolls, authentic jewellery, beady watches, ethnical clothing are other items that you can find in the store. Outstanding souvenirs in Dantela are rag baby-dolls. The time Mrs. Arzu spent while making these baby dolls caused establishing an emotional connection with them. Therefore, each of them has a name and character…

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