Where to Eat in Bozcaada

The tea gardens are one of the places where locals and tourists spend the most time. With pine trees everywhere you can enjoy black and herbal tea, Turkish coffee, and beer. Some of them serve breakfast, grilled sandwiches, doner kebap, gözleme, omelets and other kinds of small dishes. Especially at warmer days locals prefer to spend their daytime at the tea gardens under the pine trees, while they spend their evenings at the tea gardens/cafes at the pier.

Breakfast is mainly served at your place of accommodation. But if you would like to try something else you will not be disappointed by having breakfast at one of the cafes. These cafes offer special dishes like omelets made with wild herbs, börek, pişi, tomato and grape jams.

Lunch is usually consumed at the restaurants at Ayazma Beach. At Ayazma Beach there are some restaurants that offer full dinner services at lunch hours. Next to the regular meze and seafood, you can have meatballs, fried börek, gözleme, mantı and more. If you choose to have lunch at the town centre you can go to the eating houses with typical Anatolian dishes or pide-lahmacun.

Dinner is predominantly preferred at the restaurants in the town centre. These restaurants offer you the opportunity to have long dinners while enjoying wine or raki besides the many dishes. You will not find any fast food style restaurants on Bozcaada. In July, August, and the official holidays and festivals it is recommended to make reservations for dinner as most restaurants fill up quickly.