Getting Here

Getting Here


From Istanbul to Bozcaada, you should follow Tekirdağ, Keşan route. You have several alternatives for crossing the Dardanelles Strait:

  • Gelibolu - Lapseki / 20 minutes
  • Eceabat - Canakkale / 15 minutes
  • Kilitbahir - Canakkale / 7 minutes

The Gestaş ferries run in both directions every half an hour.  Follow the link for updated info:

About 30 km away from Canakkale (and only a few km after you left the junction for the road to Troy behind), you’ll arrive at the junction which the access road to GeyikliYükyeri Ferryboat Pier where the ferryboats connect Bozcaada with the mainland. (there are also ‘Bozcaada’ signs on that junction).

From İzmir- Take the route north (D550/E87) to Canakkale, and turn left (to direction signposted as ‘Geyikli’/’Bozcaada’ there) in Ezine, about 50 km south of Canakkale.


Those who’d like to drive less may take fast ferries from İstanbul to Bandırma on the southern shore of Marmara. To drive from Bandırma to Geyikli Yükyeri Ferryboat Pier is abut 210 km in total. It takes 3 hours by car.

The Distances by Land

Bozcaada - İstanbul / 400 km.
Bozcaada- İzmir/ 280 km.
Bozcaada- Ankara/ 710 km.
Bozcaada- Bursa/ 375 km.


Most of the bus companies in Turkey run from most major cities to Canakkale every day. You can take regular busses from Çanakkale to Geyikli Yükyeri Ferryboat Pier in every hour.

For Bozcaada, busses leave only from big cities (İstanbul, İzmir, Ankara,Bursa). The bus journey from Istanbul takes approximately 7,5 hours. Some of the bus companies (Çanakkale Truva, İstanbul Seyahat, Kamil Koç, Metro, Ulusoy) directly take you up to the Geyikli Yükyeri Ferryboat Pier but only in high season. In low season they take you only as far as Ezine or Geyikli. There are regular mini buses from Ezine and Geyikli to ferryboat pier.


There are scheduled flights between Çanakkale - Istanbul and Çanakkale- Ankara by Turkish Airlines everyday but only in summer. From Çanakkale Bus Station you can take regular buses to Geyikli Yükyeri Ferryboat Pier. It takes 1 hour.


Ferryboat transportation to the island is available throughout the day. The only mainland location with a ferry connection which can accommodate cars to Bozcaada is Geyikli.  Travelling the 4-mile distance between the Geyikli Yükyeri Ferryboat Pier and Bozcaada takes approximately 35 minutes.

The ferry runs more frequently in the summer, with additional trips provided to accomodate heavy visitor traffic. Ferry tickets are roundtrip and available from Geyikli Dock

In summer of 2009, passenger-only fast ferry  service to Bozcaada direct from Çanakkale started.