Bozcaada's Viticulture

Viticulture and wine making on the island has a heritage of 3000 years, reaching from the past of the island to the present. The grape bunches on the coins of Tenedos date back to 5C BC, and many old sources which mention Bozcaada wine from Homer to Evliya Çelebi’s travel book carry the traces of this deep rooted tradition.

The island, whose domination was fought over because of its strategic position, encountered different cultures at different times. All these cultures had a point in common though, and that was the connection they had with the vineyards. The north winds, a gift of nature to this small Aegean island create the ideal environment for viniculture. It is as if the island’s peculiar climate and the soil got together to choose the right plant for growing and carried it to this day from years ago.

Almost half the island is covered with vineyards. Their appearance, which changes with the seasons, together with the vineyard houses are the indispensable images of the panorama of the island.

It is possible to talk about grape types special to the island. The grapes for making red wine are Kuntra and Karalahna, for white Çavus and Vasilaki are used. The white grape ‘Çavus’ is identified with the island and the most delicious ‘çavus’ is found here. In recent years some other brands from other countries such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah have stared to be grown and it seems that they have adapted to the geography of the island.
Other than traditional viniculture, there are high tech and wire systems both of which have become popular in the last few years. Irrigation is not used on the island’s vineyards and the protective measures applied are close to those of organic agriculture.