Wine Making in Bozcaada

It is a fact that the islanders have been engaged with viticulture for centuries. It is impossible not to think of winemaking wherever grapes are grown. For many years winemaking was in the hands of the Greeks. The Turks kept away from winemaking due to religious reasons for many years. However, after 1925 they also begin to become involved in winemaking. In the years between 1960-80, this tradition of the island reached a peak. In these years there were 13 wine manufacturers. With the 80s a period of unproductiveness began which continued until the government aid of 1998. After this date, the modernization of the manufacturer’s buildings, the growing of better quality grapes and the steps taken to becoming brands perhaps herald a return to the good days of Bozcaada wine making.

Viticulture and wine making are two subjects that people talk the most about. Viticulture is learned early in life. There is virtually no adult who does not know how to make wine. Vineyards require careful attention all through the year, because for good wine you need good grapes.

The grape stumps that sprout as the spring flowers blossom, the grapes ripening throughout the summer, whetting one’s appetite, grapes rushed to the ferryboat in crates, the sharp perfume of grapes filling the streets of the island and the clinking glasses at tables that bring together friends. The pleasure you will get from drinking an island wine is not only because of its good taste, but because it makes you part of the story yourself.