Salhane Bar

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Salhane is one of the special places on the island. Far from the center, it attracts attention with its yellow building among the rocks. Previously used as a slaughter house, then island resident arthitect Bulent Sucu turned into a bar upon renovation.

Right in front of the bar, there is a wooden pier along with natural sitting areas carved on the rocks. This place is ideal for both dancing in a crazy mood or slipping a drink amidts the night view. Thousands of stars at night, the castle standing tall and the reflection of full moon to the sea. Watching the stars on a rock in a night when moon is not visible or witnessing a phosporescense in the sea while you are sitting on the pier, of course if you’re lucky.

Salhane is a suitable place for swimming on the central island with its location beneath the castle.

The music varies a lot. You may either dance to a pop, Greek or an old rock song. The variety in music reflects the cultural diversity of the visitors. One of a kind in its own style, Salhane is not only a place preferred by the tourists, but also native islanders.

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