Zeynep Aksu Glass Studio

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A window into the colorful world of glass art.

Fulfilling her childhood dreamZeynep Aksu left her highly successful business career and opened her glass studio in Bozcaada, Today she is creatingworldwide accepted artworks which combine her two passions: Glass Art andBozcaada.

In her studio, located in one of the enchanted streets of Greek suburb of Bozcaada, Aksu is melting and re-forming colorful glass rods and plates to makeglass objects inspired  by the island's daily life. Also she is giving privatelessons for kids and adults who want to discover the magnificent world of glass.

Her students create handmade beads, ornaments, glass figurines, plates or walladornments by using techniques such as flame-working , glass bead making, fusing, 3D fusing,  Pâte de Verre or blowing borosilicate glass tubes.

The unique glass objects created by Zeynep Aksu are offered for sale in theshowroom next to her glass studio. Visiting Bozcaada, come by for a unique experience. We recommend this place as a "must-see".

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