Bozcaada Museum

Bozcaada Museum is a unique place for tourists who want to learn more about the place they visit. This collection that manifests the rich history of the island was set by individual efforts. When M. Hakan Gürüney’s loyalty to Bozcaada and his explorer personality came together, a please-to-see extraordinary collection therefore came out.

He changed his route to Bozcaada just because he learned that there is a sea shell kind which is only special for Bozcaada in the whole world and that there are plenty of these shells around the island. He returned from the island with 720 different kind of sea shells and in the following years he bought a summer house on the island and spent long summer holidays there.

As he learned that this little island has a very interesting history, he started to collect various cultural assets. The main titles you can see in this collection are: fossils peculiar to Bozcaada, archaeological pieces, coins, maps and gravures, articles of French soldiers when they used Bozcaada as a military base in the 1915 Çanakkale War, postcards from that time, documents of postal service history, 25 photographs Ara Güler(famous Turkish photographer) took in 1955, island pictures starting from 1880, old wine bottles produced in the island, the goods Greek and Turkish people used in their houses, documents, books.

Bozcaada Museum (Bozcaada Local History Research Center) is open in the island center in a historical building that was allocated by the Bozcaada Governorship. During the season, between 1st May- 31st October, the museum can be seen between 10:00 am -8:00 pm.
The entrance is charged (10 TL.) and also there is a gift stand in the museum where you can buy books and souvenir.

For the ones who want to know more about the museum, the website is and the phone number is +90 532 215 60 33.