Wine Accessesories

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The Istanbul couple who run the Bozcaada Biz houses have also opened a shop of vinicultural accessories, a former hobby turned business. Here you’ll find all manner of vinicultural accoutrements, functional and decorative alike.  Located across from the church in the Greek neighborhood, Bozcaada Biz is a wine lover’s toy-store dream come true!  

Imagine a wine bottle whose contents you drank with delight and which you just can’t bear to throw out.  With one of the gadgets sold at this store, you can turn your bottle into a candleholder, candelabrum, or oil lamp.  And while you’re at it, wouldn’t it be so much easier to open a bottle of wine without having to wrestle with a classic corkscrew, and pour your wine without having to worry about messy spills?  Then you should try this store’s “rabbit-style” opener... Or perhaps you’ve dreamt of a handy plate to which to fasten your wine glass as you make your rounds at a party.  You’ll find plenty of products here that meet your needs... and that may even broaden your horizons!

The vinicultural accessories business has now also given way to vinicultural jewelry.  This may well be the first – and only! – place where you encounter earrings or tie pins the shape of a wine glass, a barrel, or even a corkscrew.

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